A holistic approach to postnatal physical care

A workshop for birth, health and bodywork professionals 
Led by Lara Kohn Thompson

Emphasis is often placed on the process of labor and delivery while little attention is given to the early postpartum period - a crucial and powerful time for a woman's recovery, well-being and vitality. 

In this workshop practitioners will be encouraged to think beyond labor and delivery and learn ways to support women in their transition from pregnancy to motherhood, from couple to family. We will address aspects of the physical and emotional recovery and recuperation from childbirth as well as concrete exercises and age-old practices practitioners can use with women in the early days, weeks and months postpartum. To both support their healing as well as prevent injury.
These will include breath-centered practices, postural work, hands on practices as well as pelvic, thoracic and cranial binding.

This class will include physical practice as well as discussion
Space is limited. Pre-registration necessary.

Upcoming dates TBA