Lara Kohn Thompson is a licensed massage therapist, certified yoga teacher (ERYT- 500/ PRYT), perinatal trainer, educator and mentor.

Her offerings include private bodywork and movement sessions, weekly Yoga classes as well as Yoga teacher training's and continuing education workshops for movement and health professionals.

Born in India, raised in France, and living in Brooklyn, Lara spent much of her young life as a dancer, traveling, performing and experiencing how the body moves and feels when integrated as well as when injured, forming the foundation of her knowledge as a deeply intuitive teacher and healer. Since 2000, when her dance career ended, she has formally studied and become licensed and certified to offer healing in a variety of modalities including Yoga, CranioSacral therapy, and various forms of eastern and western massage therapies.

Bringing a French expertise to perinatal care, Lara is an A.P.O.R ® practitioner (approche posturo respiratoire) and is certified in A.P.M ® (anatomie pour le mouvement) and Germain's pelvic floor and movement series.
Lara has also trained here in the US with Tami Kent and is certified in Holistic Pelvic Care ™.

Along with her dance education, the backbone of Lara's dance career was her 15 years of Pilates study and mentorship with senior Pilates instructor Solange Mignoton in Paris, whose work is woven deep into Lara's present work.

For nearly 20 years, Lara has specialized in women’s health, offering particular support around the pre and postnatal periods in a woman’s life. She is trained as a pre and postnatal massage therapist and co-created the perinatal program at Bend and Bloom Yoga – rated New York’s best Pre/postnatal yoga studio in 2015 - and is on the faculty of the Integral Yoga Institute's Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Program as well as Kula Yoga Project's 200 hour certification program. She is a scholar and contributor for the Wanderlust teacher training program, and a guest teacher for Yoga training programs in the US and France.

In her teaching as in her bodywork, Lara uses breath-centered practices, precise alignment and hands on therapies.
Her 35 years of movement experience as well as her extensive training is supported by intelligence, humor, and an intuition that enables her clients to feel safe to open to their own healing, to gain confidence, and to build an awareness of their own body’s unique strength.
She delights in connecting with them through movement and nourishing the transformation of their bodies into a place of greater ease, freedom, and joy.

Some shared thoughts on practice
“I have found that by providing physical care and support and a space to hold the body we also provide a space to hold spirit and emotions.
To listen and bear witness to each body and each story, both physical and beyond.

I have a special love for training movement, bodywork and birth professionals in the art of accompanying women through the physical and emotional journey of childbearing and the spaces beyond.
The connection of movement and embodiment is a profound one in this phase of a woman’s life. To find a place of dialogue with those who support women is both rewarding and continually a place where I keep learning. These training's are deeply transformative and powerful for the professionals who take them and the journey they go through is a constant source of nourishment and inspiration.

Movement is the key, the inspiration, the ultimate joy.
Moving, watching others move, helping others move.
Understanding the how, why, with what.
Since as far as I can remember.
Movement as a spiritual practice. As a way to be both grounded and connected. To accompany and serve.
Through daily practice, find creativity and renewal. To feel oneself alive.
To accompany, bear witness and be of support."

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